The last 48 hours have been intense to say the least.  We got in our first test blends along with our prototype labels and business cards.  Social media sites have been created and we are furiously building out the website. This is a truly unique cigar company and our goal is to have an extremely high quality product that reflects our passion.

Attention to the smallest detail, low cost, high quality are not usually found in the same sentence when it comes to cigars.  Like all my customers, I work hard for my money and when I want to indulge in a good cigar I don’t want to feel like I have to take out a second mortgage nor start trading bitcoin for a few boxes of premium cigars.

Unique customer experience- You will not find these blends anywhere else in the world and the blends we chose to offer are truly limited editions.  We will strive to bring on new cigars once we have gone through the extensive testing process which entails many hours sitting on the back porch rolling and smoking (Shitty job but someone has to do it). This is a boutique cigar brand and as such there isn’t 15 different middlemen all adding layers of cost.  It’s me working with the cigar rollers offering some truly awesome cigars to you the customer.

These cigars are meant to be smoked, shared with good friends and discussed.

More to follow as we continue to get closer to launch!

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