We purchased our farm with a dream and some combat pay. It took exactly 4 combat tours to save up the money hence we thought it was apt to name it 4 Tour Farm.  While we are now in the double digits on tours and have yet to settle down on the land, the dream is very much alive.

My passion for cigars began while at The Citadel where I would spend hours with my classmates on the galleries talking of life, the future and finding meaning of true camaraderie.  My love continued to grow when I began my military career and I found that no matter where I was in the world, I could find a measure of peace within the storm while smoking a cigar. There is nothing I like better than to find a beautiful spot fire up a good cigar and relax. I get to reflect on whatever is going on in my life and let all my cares go up in smoke for just a few peaceful moments. I want to share my passion with you and maybe help you find that moment of peace that we all search for in life.

Our cigars are 100%  Premium Handmade Long Filler Cigars rolled in the Cuban style by master craftsman in the Dominican Republic.  Afterwards I hand inspect every single one and package them up with Boveda packets to ensure your cigars will arrive in perfect condition.

~De Oppresso Liber~