Blue Line


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I was traveling in Central Africa a while ago and found this older gentleman at a cafe selling hand rolls. Of course, I had to buy a few and I learned to really appreciate complex African tobacco. Flash forward to designing a new small batch cigar and I knew it had to have some African tobacco in it. Keeping that in mind, we sourced some of the finest Cameroon wrapper we could find and found a grower who went the extra step to let it sit longer in the sun to create a complex Maduro wrapper out of it. We then took this expensive and hard to find wrapper and filled it with Dominican Ligero and Seco grown from Cuban seed.  This is a complex and spicy smoke and we only have 500 of various sizes.  Once they are gone it might be years before we are able to source more of this tobacco leaf.

So why name it Blue Line? I mean we are taking wrappers from Africa and filler from Cuban seed grown in the Yaqui Valley region of Dominican Republic, it should be called something exotic, right? Well, it’s also rare.  One of my oldest friends is a police officer and after many years in the military a large amount of the individuals who I have worked with transitioned into the LEO field. Like this cigar, they are a unique and rare breed of individual who should be appreciated for everything they do. Stay safe out there and when you fire one of these up think of their families and loved ones who wait for their return with every shift.


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