4 The Troops




Care packages are always appreciated when you are on an extended trip and having a care package that allows you a few moments of peace can sometimes make all the difference on a bad day.  Over the past 16 years in uniform I have been all over the world and sharing a cigar on those bad days with my teammates truly helps. We are a veteran owned company that fiercely supports our men and women overseas. So naturally we will ship them some premium smokes.

How does it work?  Click the drop down in $5 amounts, however much you want/can give. When enough individuals donate, I will pack up a box (at cost) and ship it to deployed soldiers all over the world.  With each box, I will rotate between locations to ensure no matter where troops are located they can get a good cigar.  I will post pictures and locations once the boxes go out and encourage individuals down range to send back some pictures which will be posted on the website.

So regardless of your political or religious leanings, the next time you fire up a 4 Tour Farm cigar please remember the individuals who are away from their loved ones.