State Department Special


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We named this one very precisely.  Sometimes you walk into a situation and being generous makes one hell of an initial impression.  So does a MC-130 gunship but you can’t revert to violence at the first hard look sent your way.  As with everything in life, sometimes sharing comes out of your personal “OPFUND” or personal pocketbook. State Department Special is rolled using the Cuban sandwich method making it very affordable.  It is perfect for stashing a couple of boxes in your kit for building friendships.  We only have this in one size…”Gordo”…because when you are sharing, size matters.   We combined Dominican and Nicaraguan fillers, bound it with a leaf from Nicaragua and finished with a smooth Cameroon wrapper.  Grab a few boxes for your next trip and share with the indigenous people in whatever far flung region they dropped you in with the job of  “building rapport”.  Have the locals smoke these instead of your team.

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1, 5, Box (20 Cigars)