I was born and raised on Lake Murray and then spent my college years in Charleston which ingrained in me an affinity for being in open spaces while at the same time residing on water. When we found the farm, we knew it was exactly what we were looking for – a location within a short distance to a major town yet with enough space for a wide variety of activities. Most importantly, it was on a body of water.  Our farm is located in upstate South Carolina and I remember getting the email from my spouse while in Afghanistan about her visiting the land.  She had driven down from Bragg and spent the day exploring the area and was absolutely bursting with excitement. I was sold before I even set foot on the land based solely on her level of enthusiasm for making this location something truly special.   The farm is a  large tract of acreage surrounded by thousands of acres all under a conservation easement run by The Upper Savannah River Land Trust. We, like our neighbors, love the security of knowing this beautiful landscape won’t be developed into a subdivision or commercial farm 10 years down the road.

So what do we do with the farm while we are still completing military service and working in NC? We have several activities going on the farm but our main ones are hunting and farming.  We currently lease to a group of hunters (Citadel grads and their families) who are committed to QDMA practices and hunt deer, turkey and duck. We also are a certified American Tree Farm and actively manage the timber on the land. We strive to be good conservationists of our land preserving it for future generations knowing this will be passed down to our kids and their children.

Our dream is to retire from the military and move on to the farm. We plan to spend our retirement years working the land and enjoying nature.