A cigar roller brings an unexpected and elevated touch to your event by allowing guest to glimpse the art of Cuban style cigar craftsmanship. The tobacco leaves we use are hand-picked from an exquisite selection of rare imported and rich-fully aged tobacco and blended to a unique flavor profile. We are happy to discuss the intricacies of the various leaves/wrappers with cigar aficionados, while just as happy to introduce the novice smoker to the basics. We do Weddings, Corporate Events, and Private Parties. We will work with you to get all of the details right, guide you on selection and ensure your guests have a memorable experience!

Our Cigars


We named this “First Tour” because whether you are on your first combat tour or your first marriage this cigar is similar and not for the faint of heart. This is a complex, spicy and beautiful work of art that will leave you craving another one. We took Cuban seed tobacco from the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Honduras, Brazil and then aged them 3-5 years to create this unique flavor profile. Afterwards we wrapped it in a Honduran Corojo that has a beautiful reddish color and finished it with a Cuban pigtail cap. Smoking these will change your perspective and leaving you yearning for more, just like your first combat tour and your first love.


I had an old First Sergeant in the 101st, star over his CIB, real mean, crusty SOB but he knew what he was talking about and was relentlessly devoted to his men. Those individuals are rare. So, to honor all the crusty old SOB’s out there, who are secretly teddy bears, we called this limited run cigar the Silverback. This is a Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro from good ol’ USA (Connecticut River Valley to be specific). We used Dominican filler and bound it with a smooth leaf from Ecuador before wrapping it. This cigar boasts a thick, rich and an unmistakable flavor. Grab a box before they are just a memory! Fire one up and recall that crusty old Silverback in your life who was dedicated to developing you into what you are today.


Every cigar smoker loves a “barber pole” cigar. These cigars are flavorful and always a good conversation piece. 4 Tour Farm has taken this style to another level and we feel we have developed a truly unique blend.  We use Dominican San Victor and Olar as filler and then bind it all with Cuban Seed Dominican leaves. Afterwards, we search for only the best dark San Andres we have and combine it with an exquisite Connecticut Shade leaf to use as wrappers which makes this a true delight to smoke. We call this cigar “The Operator” for a very good reason. This is the cigar everyone wants –dark, strong and spicy while just smooth enough to get you into trouble!


Just like the song and the Special Forces lifestyle, this cigar is not for everyone. This is a strong, spicy and truly unique smoke. We used nothing but Liqero for a filler sourced from 3 different countries (Nicaragua, Honduras and Dominican Republic). Afterwards we wrapped it in a dark beautiful Brazilian wrapper. This thing is packed with flavor and will be a favorite for the experienced cigar smokers and newbies at the same time. This is a slow burning, strong and complex cigar that is perfect for a Saturday night session of telling war stories and lies with friends. So, fire one up, turn on some blues, and enjoy!


This is our finest Dominican cigar. This is one smooth mother, don’t leave it alone with your GF!! We take the very best long leaf Dominican we can find and wrap it with a smooth Sumatran wrapper from Ecuador. This is like your favorite single barrel: smooth, elegant and you can smoke it all night. Sometimes simple is good…pull this one out, sit back, and enjoy!

**Recommended for most events. This cigar can be enjoyed by a variety of guests.**


This cigar we named the G Chief. This cigar is for when you are about to have a long, serious conversation. Whether you are meeting an elder in Sub-Sahara Africa or sitting down over brandy with the head of an eastern European military, this is the one cigar you pull out and share to make that impression. This is no three cups of tea bullshit. This beast is 5 inches long and has a 64 ring gauge. Light this up for an hour and a half and change the world. We start this large flavorful cigar off with Dominican Piloto, add in Nicaraguan Lijero, then use a smooth Honduran binder and, finally, wrap it with a beautiful Habano leaf. Pull this bad boy out when you have some time and want to relax after a long hard week.


A standard event includes 4 hours of rolling time and 50 hand rolled premium long filler cigars. Our tobacco is 100% natural, sorted, selected, blended, and rolled by hand.  We will show up 30 minutes early to set up and conduct any last-minute business.  We will bring fresh, pre-rolled cigars and have these set out on our table to get the event started with the rest being rolled on site.  We suggest matchbooks with your event’s logo or emblem but can also provide our own. While this is a standard offering, we will customize a package to fit your needs and help ensure your event is memorable. A standard package starts around $700 and a deposit of 50% is required for booking.  Additional cigars are available for purchase at a discount.  Contact us for additional information. 

About Us

The farm was purchased with a dream of a peaceful life and funded with some combat pay.  It took exactly 4 combat tours to save up the money hence we thought it was apt to name it 4 Tour Farm.  While we are over double digits on tours now and we have yet to settle down on the land, the dream is very much alive. My passion for cigars began as a cadet at The Citadel, where I would spend hours with my classmates on the galleries talking of life, the future and finding the meaning of true camaraderie.  The love continued to grow when I began my military career and found no matter where I was in the world, I could find a measure of peace within the storm while smoking a good cigar.  The ritual of cutting, lighting and smoking a cigar allows one to reflect on events and for a few peaceful moments find the solace needed to process whatever was going on in life. I want to share my passion with you and maybe help you find that moment of peace in the storm that we all search for in life. Everything we do at 4 Tour Farm is disciplined and strict attention to detail is paid to every part of the process. We value every interaction with our clients and truly appreciate the support.

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The Farm

Our farm and surrounding land is part of the Upper Savannah River Land Trust which encompasses over 54,000 acres in upstate SC.   The mission of the Upper Savannah Land Trust is to encourage and pursue the conservation of natural, historic, and scenic lands—farms, forests, waterways, and open spaces in the western Piedmont of South Carolina. 

Over the last few years we have planted several acres of pecan, black walnuts, apples, pears, peaches, plums, persimmons and numerous varieties of oak trees in an effort to reforest the land after a timber harvest.

Future plantings will include walnuts, almonds, and cherries with a goal of creating a sustainable habitat that can benefit our family and community for years to come.